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Do my contributions to the world matter?

“I listened to Skillet during my run this morning,” Dan said. “But they just don’t do it for me anymore.” A discussion about music, and my husband’s comment in particular, got my wheels turning about the contributions we make to the world while we are here. At first, I was a little offended for Skillet. […]

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Sunday Morning: A God Adventure

I had two choices yesterday morning.  One was to go to church, as I always do on Sunday mornings.  And that is precisely what I wanted to do.  We have a fabulous new preacher whose messages have been powerful for me lately.  I didn’t want to miss that!  However, my best friend was participating in […]

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I’m baaaaaack!

Obviously I haven’t blogged for QUITE awhile, but I’m hoping with a renewed focus (accompanied by a schedule and people to hold me accountable to it), I can write here more often.  I won’t promise every day, since I’m also continuing to blog at PARENtEEN. Today’s topic:  Acting Our Age The Bible instructs us to […]

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