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Created things and worship

On this adventurous journey called life, I’ve recently been led down a path of learning.  I’m learning things I thought I already knew, which is a good lesson in itself. I’m learning a lot about worship.  I’m not talking about standing in church and singing songs of praise (though that clearly can be a form […]

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God’s faithfulness never disappoints

Funny how art imitates life.  Tonight I was watching an episode of “Frasier.”  The main character, Frasier Crane, talked about how you not only love your children, but you fall in love with your children.  How true. And you don’t even realize how much you are in love with your children until they leave you. […]

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At least I’m not crazy

It started with a devotional in the morning: “I am life and light in abundance.  As you spend time “soaking” in My Presence, you are energized and lightened.  Through communing with Me, you transfer your heavy burdens to My strong shoulders.  By gazing at Me, you gain My perspective on your life.  This time alone […]

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