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God, prayer, and…motorcycles?

I’ve had what you might call “God experiences” in my life before.  Do you know what I mean?  Those moments when something has happened that just HAD to be God? I had one of those “God is real” moments today, and I’m still reeling from it (in a good way). About a year ago, my […]

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It’s Saturday, and I’m in love

The house is unusually quiet this morning.  It’s so quiet, I can hear the second hand moving in the clock on the wall.  As I sit here and wait for my tea to brew, I pick up an old love letter. The writer says this is the song to top all songs.  Now that really […]

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Do people identify me correctly?

A recent poll conducted by Pew Research found the number of Americans who believe that President Obama is a Muslim has increased significantly since his inauguration and now accounts for nearly 20 percent of the nation’s population.  (Washington Post article) President Obama claims to be a Christian.  So why does one-fifth of the population not […]

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