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8 things parents of teens should never do on Facebook

Most teenagers have come to terms with the fact their parents are now on Facebook, but many would prefer they were not.  Social media sites like MySpace and Facebook originally gave young people a cyber hangout of their own, and now the adults are taking over. Being parents, it is our inherent nature to ruin […]

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Coming around the corner and bumping into Jesus

It’s funny how words affect us. I’ve been reading a devotional book called “Jesus Calling”, by Sarah Young.  I really like this book because each entry is like a personal message from Jesus.  The book often encourages me to focus on Him, but I keep asking, “How do I do that?” I also am reading […]

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He gives and takes away

I am the very proud mother of four children – one son and three daughters.  My oldest daughter, Alyssa, left us 22 years ago quite unexpectedly.  She has celebrated every one of her birthdays in heaven, including today. This day is usually quite emotional for me, but it’s also really necessary in the grief journey. […]

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Media Free Mondays – Day 3

We went into this week knowing it would be the last time we would “have” to participate in Media Free Monday.  We finally wised up and proactively planned some things that would get us out of the overwhelming quiet of the house. Kelsey escaped the event entirely by spending all day and evening at the […]

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Media Free Mondays – Day 2

It was unanimous.  When I asked my family if they thought the second night of fasting from electronics would be easier than the first, it was a resounding “No.” Yesterday morning, Emma asked, “Are we having ‘Amish night’ again tonight?”  I laughed at her nickname for our little experiment and replied that we were indeed […]

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Media Free Mondays – We Survived Day 1!

When we decided to try Media Free Mondays, I didn’t have any “pie in the sky” expectations that we would be transformed into some cheesy TV family who always gets along.  I did, however, have some ideas of how things might play out.  I pictured myself doing a lot of reading and enjoying the lack […]

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