Giving thanks when life throws you a curve

“Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Yesterday I got really angry with one of my dogs.  We’ve only had Hunter for a little over seven months, and since we never did any formal training with him, he can be a handful at times.  He got overexcited on our walk yesterday when we passed by another dog and owner, and I had a difficult time trying to control him.  In the process, I managed to injure some of my old and worn out body parts, including my left knee.

That meant today’s plans for a good workout and other physical activity had to be put on hold.  Instead, I was forced to rest my pathetic knee as much as possible, which meant a day spent mostly at the computer.

Well, guess what?  It turned into an incredibly productive day.  I got caught up on all those little things that have been piling up on my desk, answered tons of emails, worked on two articles, wrote two blog posts, and added some stuff to my website.  It felt good, and I was reminded that writing is what I enjoy more than anything.

I was also reminded that when things happen (like dogs or children or husbands acting up), I should be looking for what God can do in that situation rather than cursing the circumstances.  Instead of only seeing what is right in front of me, I should be looking down the road to what lies ahead and trust that it will be better.

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