Remembering Mugsy Malone Grant

Four years ago today, I said goodbye to one of my closest companions, Mugsy Malone.  Mugsy, otherwise known as Mr. Mugs and a whole host of other nicknames, was the pug we’d had for almost five years.

We got him as a puppy from a breeder who raised pugs in her home.  He came to us almost house-trained as well as pre-spoiled (she topped his food every day with home cooked chicken!).

I’ve loved dogs ever since I can remember, and I’m pretty sure I have my grandmother to thank for that.  Grandma went nowhere without her beloved dogs.  She had them so well-trained they would lay on their backs while she painted their toenails.  I kid you not.

I’ve had other dogs in my life over the years, but Mugsy was the dog who taught me to truly love dogs.  Maybe it’s because he revealed God to me in new ways.

Mugsy was affectionate and the perfect example of unconditional love.  He always had to be touching someone.  He preferred to be on your lap, but if that wasn’t working, he’d settle for laying on your feet.  Touch was essential, almost life-sustaining for him.  You couldn’t help but feel the love of the Father every time that ball of fur drew near.

Mugsy was nothing if not quirky.  He peed like a girl, thus earning the name “Girly Man”.  He hated real bones but loved the plastic Nylabones.  He hated to have his feet touched.  And my personal favorite – he would cock his head to the side if you said things like “housekeeper”or “Anna Kournakova”(yeah, we never figured that out either!).

And then there was that face.  Oh, that face!  We used to say he was so ugly, he was cute.  It worked for him!  In spite of his idiosyncrasies and a face only a mother could love, we did indeed love him.  I think of how God sees us sometimes, with our goofy tendencies and ugly sin, and yet He loves us.  Even though I’ll never fully understand that kind of love, Mugsy gave me a hint of what it must be like.

Mugsy was diagnosed with a terminal, inoperable tumor in early July 2007.  It was less than six months after losing my dad to cancer, followed by the loss of several other family members.  It was a hard blow, like rubbing salt in an already fresh wound.  We took Mugsy home and cared for him until he passed away on August 28.

Since then, we have adopted two more quirky but lovable dogs, our beagles Molly and Hunter.  Sometimes I see one of them do something strange that Mugsy used to do, and I just have to smile as I think of the little guy who stole our hearts.  Thank you, Lord, for showing us more of You through these wonderful creatures You’ve placed in our lives.


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