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Every day should be Kelsey’s birthday!

Today marks the annual celebration that is known as…Kelsey’s birthday!  All birthdays are special and should be marked with much rejoicing, but today is just a little more extraordinary.  It’s a milestone birthday; Kelsey turns 21. She’s not narcissistic or a diva, but unlike some people (especially the older crowd), Kelsey loves birthdays.  Not just […]

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Facebook is not a waste of time (for me)

Lately I’ve heard several admonishments about how much time is spent on social media and the ills that accompany our involvement.  I’ve been sent on a guilt trip by various Christian leaders, friends/acquaintances, and even through this cheesy video. I have no doubt a lot more would get accomplished if I did away with my […]

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Beating the odds in marriage

For 18 years now, my husband Dan and I have been beating the odds.  In a society that devalues marriage, it is an uphill battle for anyone makes that commitment, with nearly half of all first marriages ending in divorce.  We had the additional challenges of this being my second marriage and becoming a blended […]

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Baby goes to high school

Emma in kindergarten I absolutely loved high school.  I loved everything about it.  I hesitate to say “the best years of my life”, but it definitely ranks right up there.  And I should note – I was not super popular or athletic (at all) or the valedictorian, but I did well and had a lot […]

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