On the 3rd day of Christmas songs – Silent Night (part 1)

As a writer, I’m very “into” words.  When it comes to music, it’s usually all about the lyrics for me.  Yet, today’s song can move me to tears, and it’s completely instrumental.  Maybe it’s because I already know the words, and they play in the back of my mind even as I listen.  Or maybe it’s the gorgeous piano arrangement played by one of my favorite artists, Michael W. Smith.

At any rate, this is the perfect song to listen to while sitting by the Christmas tree or meditating on a nativity scene.  You won’t be able to keep yourself from hitting “replay” when it ends all too soon.

Silent Night

By the way, this song is featured on my favorite Christmas album of all time, Michael W. Smith’s “Christmas”.  If you’ve never heard it, I highly recommend you purchase it and listen from beginning to end!

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