Teen years are awkward enough without parents’ help

A friend posted this video on Facebook this morning, and it set me off.

Pep Fest Kissing

I find the whole prank disturbing.  For one thing, it appears that some of the these parents were enjoying themselves just a little too much.  These were more than just little pecks on the lips.

Also, I am deeply concerned that this would be sanctioned and orchestrated at a public high school.  Your tax dollars at work, citizens of Rosemount, MN!

Mostly though, I’m frustrated by the fact that parents and educators think it’s ok to humiliate an unsuspecting teen in front of their peers, even if it is in the name of humor.  Do they realize the teasing and taunting that will haunt them for the rest of their life?  “Dude, you made out with your mom!”  It will follow them everywhere in life, now that it’s on the internet.  There’s no taking it back now.

Parents, your kids don’t need your help in feeling awkward.  I don’t care if your parents embarrassed you publicly – this is not some rite of passage.  We do enough embarrassing things to our teens without even trying.  For heaven’s sake, don’t do things intentionally!

P.S.  Teens, if you laughed at this video, think about how you would feel if this happened to you in front of your entire school.  Not so funny now, is it?

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