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Want to make a difference?

I may have forgotten a lot of details from my childhood, but I still remember the way I felt on the first day of school every year: excited to see my friends but dreading school work.  Add to that anxiety, wondering if I would be cool enough or measure up.  And for girls, that always […]

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Top 10 Parenting Books

One of my favorite bloggers is Sarah Bessey.  I don’t know what kind of parent she is, but based on her recent blog post, “10 Books That Influence My Parenting“, I think we may share similar styles. I often have parents ask me for book recommendations, and I’ve loaned out so many of my favorites […]

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Grumpy old men (and women)

“Even in darkness light dawns for the upright, for the gracious and compassionate and righteous man.”  Psalm 112:4 My family attended a very small church as I was growing up.  All the adults in the congregation were old.  I mean, like REALLY old…in their forties and fifties!  Yes, well, they seemed old to me.  Their […]

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Freedom from hunger

Yesterday I read some statistics (courtesy of Jeremy Willet’s blog) on fireworks and children: Nearly 13,000 people visit the hospital each year due to fireworks-related injuries.  Over half those injured are children. Approximately 6,000 fireworks are launched during a 20 minute fireworks show.  That is one firework every 5 seconds. One child dies every 5 […]

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