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Packers vs. Vikings: a lesson in unity (seriously!)

19 years ago, my husband and I said, “For better, for worse.”  Apparently that included our football rivalry. A few weeks after our wedding, September 26, 1993 to be exact, we experienced our first Packer-Viking game in the Metrodome.  Let’s just say, it was our last time attending a Packer-Viking game in person.  (Here’s a […]

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Rocket fire and Hannah Montana

It’s a busy week at the Grant house, as we prepare to host my husband’s family for Thanksgiving.  It’s easy to get caught up in the cooking, cleaning, and decorating, so I’m trying to intentionally carve out some quiet time each day this week to reflect and pray. When I’m quiet before the Lord, He […]

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Remember when you had little to be thankful for?

It’s so much easier to be grateful after you reached the end of a trial.  To look back and see that you persevered through a time of difficulty, and to experience relief from the pain and suffering (even if it’s only partial relief) provides a whole new perspective. I was contemplating this today as I […]

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