Rocket fire and Hannah Montana

photo credit: The U.S. Army via photopin cc

It’s a busy week at the Grant house, as we prepare to host my husband’s family for Thanksgiving.  It’s easy to get caught up in the cooking, cleaning, and decorating, so I’m trying to intentionally carve out some quiet time each day this week to reflect and pray.

When I’m quiet before the Lord, He often places a person or group of people on my heart.  Sometimes the nudging to pray for someone can be intense.  Often I will discover later that person was going through a particular struggle at that time.

Today, I’m compelled to pray for our military.  The violence that is prevalent in the Middle East right now reminds me to pray for our soldiers all over the world, and in particular, Afghanistan.  It is still a very dangerous place for our men and women to serve.  A dear friend of mine forwarded me the following email from her brother-in-law, who is currently deployed in Afghanistan:

we are some real bad asses. we took rocket fire from about 0200  till 0500
then it started getting close so the alarms went off to get in the bunkers.
About 0530 they gave us the all clear and we went back to the tents to get
ready for the day. we have five guys in my tent, one turned on his  ipod and
we were listening to music while getting ready. next thing you know we are
all singing to the music. it was Hanna Montana, that’s when we realized we
all have little girls our houses. it’s the little things that make you

Lord, thank you for the men and women who protect us from more than we’ll ever know.  Watch over them and deliver them safely home to sing with their little girls again.

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