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And now, for something completely different…

Today I’m taking a break from the more serious side of this blog to post a recipe, something I promised I would do from time to time. Yesterday I pulled out a very, very old recipe in my family’s history and decided to see if it is still a hit.  Emma and I were having […]

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No Complaints

This is my new bracelet.  While it is beautiful and was lovingly handmade by my sweet friend Laura, this piece of jewelry does more than accessorize.  You see, this is my “No Complaints” bracelet. A couple weeks ago, Laura told me that she and her girlfriends get together and make these bracelets, along with a […]

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The quicksand of grief

  Times rushes on. When you bury a child, you realize this.  Your feet are firmly planted in the quicksand of grief, while the rest of the world goes on as though nothing has happened.  Oh yes…there are those precious ones who will stand there with you for a bit, but eventually, they are able […]

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