Where are all the stories of hope?


I’m saddened by the current trend in Christendom to tear each other down.

There are scores of blogs, written by Christians, devoted to picking apart various factions of the church.  Some of these are written with the intent of calling out false prophets, and others are written out of passion for a particular theology.  All those things are good and well, but many of these platforms spiral down into ungentle, unkind, and unloving attacks on individuals and ministries.

Not only is this not the way Jesus told us to deal with one another, it’s not the witness we should strive to present to the world.  Why would anyone in his right mind want to subscribe to a community of cannibalistic piranhas?

More so, where are all the stories of hope and deliverance?  When Jesus walked the earth, word spread like wildfire of the beautiful things He was doing.

Guess what, folks?  Jesus is still walking the earth, through us.  He’s still doing miracles, changing lives, and bringing healing of all kinds.  Why aren’t we talking about it?

In an effort to get the ball rolling, I’m willing to open up my blog to share your stories.  Email me with your testimonies of the awesome things Jesus has done (or is currently doing) in your life.  I’ll do my best to accommodate all submissions.

Maybe it’s as simple as something nice that a brother or sister in Christ did for you that really made a difference.  Or perhaps it’s a life-changing transformation that came through a series of events you could have never imagined.  Whatever it is, we want to know about it.

We are the light bearers.  Let’s not keep it to ourselves.  The world is watching…and waiting…for hope.  Let’s give it to them.

Email your story of hope to:  gracegal82@gmail.com.  Stories can be submitted anonymously.  


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