Why I read the Bible

When I was a kid, I saw my Dad read his Bible pretty much every day. Although I had a fair amount of Bible knowledge myself, I didn’t really understand picking it up and reading it every day. It was more of a reference book for me.


Later in life, after going through some difficult circumstances, I found comfort and hope in the Scriptures. Yet, I still only picked up my Bible when I thought I needed it.


It wasn’t until I became a church youth leader that I started reading the Bible proactively. Those kids had a lot of questions, and I often felt ill prepared to answer them. So I studied God’s Word intently and intensely. It was like homework, but I also started to notice something…reading the Bible was changing my heart, in good ways.


Not only that, but walls of false theology were collapsing as I unlearned so-called truths I had been taught or merely assumed.


The more I read and the more I grew in knowledge, the closer I felt to Christ. In turn, the Pharisaic shackles started to fall off. I was learning how to love God and others better (though I still have a lot more to learn).


I try to start each day talking to God (prayer) and then trying to hear what He has to say in return (reading my Bible, meditating, and being still in His presence). I jot down the things I think He is saying to me, and try to carry those notes with me throughout the day.


For example, this morning I read Psalm 37 and Luke 12:22-34. Here are my notes:

  • Don’t worry about wicked people, just trust God and do good

  • Commit everything I do to the Lord

  • Be still in His presence and wait patiently for Him to act

  • Stop being angry

  • The Lord will take care of me. He will direct my steps and delights in EVERY DETAIL of my life!

  • Even when I stumble, I won’t fall. He will hold me by the hand. He will rescue me and save me in times of trouble.

  • I am valuable to God!

  • Worrying is waste of time and energy. Put my faith into action.

  • God already knows what I need and will give it to me when I seek Him. In fact, He’s happy to give me His entire kingdom!

  • Think about where my treasure is. Is it in things of the earth or eternal things?


Wow. Who doesn’t want to receive this kind of encouragement from ANYONE, let alone the God of the universe? Is it any wonder I pick up my Bible every morning?


Have you ever thought the Bible was boring or a waste of time? If so, I would challenge you to give it another try. Want to find out what Jesus really said? Start in the book of John or one of the other gospels (Matthew, Mark, or Luke). Going through a rough time or think no one else feels the way you do? Try the Psalms. Need wisdom? Proverbs is full of it!


Ask God to speak to you through His word. “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” – God (Jeremiah 29:13 NIV)

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