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Where are all the stories of hope?

I’m saddened by the current trend in Christendom to tear each other down. There are scores of blogs, written by Christians, devoted to picking apart various factions of the church.  Some of these are written with the intent of calling out false prophets, and others are written out of passion for a particular theology.  All […]

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What if we stopped being offended?

“As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received.”  Ephesians 4:1 Yesterday I read a great piece written by one of my favorite bloggers, Sarah Bessey.  The article was titled “The Invisible Generation: Youth-focused Christianity may be sidelining the gifts of older women” […]

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Packers vs. Vikings: a lesson in unity (seriously!)

19 years ago, my husband and I said, “For better, for worse.”  Apparently that included our football rivalry. A few weeks after our wedding, September 26, 1993 to be exact, we experienced our first Packer-Viking game in the Metrodome.  Let’s just say, it was our last time attending a Packer-Viking game in person.  (Here’s a […]

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Putting our money where our mouth is

Us Christians, we talk a good game, don’t we?  One quick read through my news feed on Facebook, and I see people praying for each other, encouraging one another, posting Bible verses and all kinds of links to other Christians talking about stuff. This is all well and good, but we need to do more […]

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Love in the church: shallow and narrow

Think back to the last time you wronged somebody.  Maybe you didn’t necessarily sin against that person, but you did something which unintentionally hurt someone else. How did you respond?  Did you apologize or did you defend your behavior? Imagine this…imagine you owned up to your behavior, even though you felt the whole thing was […]

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Discovering the lost art of shutting up

“Do you see a person wise in their own eyes?  There is more hope for a fool than for them.”  Proverbs 26:12 I just finished scrolling through my Facebook and Twitter feeds this morning.  As usual, there are strong opinions voiced about politics, sports, and the latest controversial evangelical pastor. We all think we are […]

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We can’t even be civil about civility!

“Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them, ‘Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand.’”  – Matthew 12:25 You won’t often find me commenting on politics, unless it is an observation on the process itself.  I’m not a Republican or a Democrat or […]

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