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Rocket fire and Hannah Montana

It’s a busy week at the Grant house, as we prepare to host my husband’s family for Thanksgiving.  It’s easy to get caught up in the cooking, cleaning, and decorating, so I’m trying to intentionally carve out some quiet time each day this week to reflect and pray. When I’m quiet before the Lord, He […]

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Want to make a difference?

I may have forgotten a lot of details from my childhood, but I still remember the way I felt on the first day of school every year: excited to see my friends but dreading school work.  Add to that anxiety, wondering if I would be cool enough or measure up.  And for girls, that always […]

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Freedom from hunger

Yesterday I read some statistics (courtesy of Jeremy Willet’s blog) on fireworks and children: Nearly 13,000 people visit the hospital each year due to fireworks-related injuries.  Over half those injured are children. Approximately 6,000 fireworks are launched during a 20 minute fireworks show.  That is one firework every 5 seconds. One child dies every 5 […]

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Parent or friend? Be both

I’ve been working on this blog post for a few weeks now.  You see, lately I’m hearing this statement a lot: “You’re the parent, not your child’s friend.” While I certainly disagree with parents who have given up all control of their home in the name of being their child’s “friend”, I also think it […]

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Passion 2012 – guest blog from Andrew Walston

There’s been a lot of press recently about a group of college students who raised over $3 million to fight slavery and human trafficking, in the course of just a few days.  This jaw-dropping event took place at a conference called Passion 2012. I was excited to hear what was happening at Passion 2012, especially […]

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Teen years are awkward enough without parents’ help

A friend posted this video on Facebook this morning, and it set me off. Pep Fest Kissing I find the whole prank disturbing.  For one thing, it appears that some of the these parents were enjoying themselves just a little too much.  These were more than just little pecks on the lips. Also, I am […]

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National Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week

Thanksgiving is just 11 days away, when many of us will feast with family and friends to proclaim our thanks for all we have. In the spirit of this holiday, each year the National Coalition for the Homeless and National Student Campaign against Hunger and Homelessness set aside the week prior to Thanksgiving as National […]

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Facebook is not a waste of time (for me)

Lately I’ve heard several admonishments about how much time is spent on social media and the ills that accompany our involvement.  I’ve been sent on a guilt trip by various Christian leaders, friends/acquaintances, and even through this cheesy video. I have no doubt a lot more would get accomplished if I did away with my […]

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Why not evacuate?

I have never been in a hurricane, and I hope I never am.  I’m praying for all those who are currently in the path of Hurricane Irene. However, here’s the thing I don’t understand: people who refuse to evacuate.  Worse than that, people who have been through these storms before and refuse to evacuate.  From […]

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Putting our money where our mouth is

Us Christians, we talk a good game, don’t we?  One quick read through my news feed on Facebook, and I see people praying for each other, encouraging one another, posting Bible verses and all kinds of links to other Christians talking about stuff. This is all well and good, but we need to do more […]

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