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Where are all the stories of hope?

I’m saddened by the current trend in Christendom to tear each other down. There are scores of blogs, written by Christians, devoted to picking apart various factions of the church.  Some of these are written with the intent of calling out false prophets, and others are written out of passion for a particular theology.  All […]

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Jesus on parenting teens: It’s a wilderness!

Note from Lisa:  This is the first of what I hope will be a series of posts entitled “Jesus on parenting teens”.  I’m prayerfully working my way through the gospels to dig out gems of parenting wisdom from Jesus Himself.  (Yes, I know, Jesus was never a parent on this earth, but He’s still smarter […]

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My kid is driving me crazy!

    I’ve been hearing this from a lot of moms lately.  I think it’s directly related to several weeks of polar vortex, during which “cabin fever” has morphed into  “housebound psychosis”, aggravated by children who seem to push every button (figuratively and literally!).  Eventually, you find yourself barking at your child, “I love you, […]

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Parenting lessons I learned from my dogs

Several years ago, we got a pug puppy. Mugsy was a great dog in so many ways – affectionate, funny, and obedient. I prided myself in the training I had done with Mugsy. What I didn’t realize was it had very little to do with me at all. We were just very blessed with a […]

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What if we stopped being offended?

“As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received.”  Ephesians 4:1 Yesterday I read a great piece written by one of my favorite bloggers, Sarah Bessey.  The article was titled “The Invisible Generation: Youth-focused Christianity may be sidelining the gifts of older women” […]

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The things I love about summer

Whenever someone complains to me about someone else in their life (spouse, child, co-worker, etc.), I advise them to make a list of all the things they like/love about that person.  Many of you know I have been on a mission to stop complaining in general, and specifically, I decided to try to accept whatever […]

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The Big Message

The following narrative comes from a friend of mine who gave me permission to reprint on my blog.  One of the most beautiful stories I’ve read in a long time! June 20th 2013 – I was driving home to take a lunch and get some things ready for later in the day. As I drove […]

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No Complaints

This is my new bracelet.  While it is beautiful and was lovingly handmade by my sweet friend Laura, this piece of jewelry does more than accessorize.  You see, this is my “No Complaints” bracelet. A couple weeks ago, Laura told me that she and her girlfriends get together and make these bracelets, along with a […]

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The quicksand of grief

  Times rushes on. When you bury a child, you realize this.  Your feet are firmly planted in the quicksand of grief, while the rest of the world goes on as though nothing has happened.  Oh yes…there are those precious ones who will stand there with you for a bit, but eventually, they are able […]

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Packers vs. Vikings: a lesson in unity (seriously!)

19 years ago, my husband and I said, “For better, for worse.”  Apparently that included our football rivalry. A few weeks after our wedding, September 26, 1993 to be exact, we experienced our first Packer-Viking game in the Metrodome.  Let’s just say, it was our last time attending a Packer-Viking game in person.  (Here’s a […]

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