Reprints available:

Teen/family topics

“The Teen Dating Picture” – advice for guiding teens into healthy dating relationships

“Technology Reaches Adolescence” – an allegory of  how technology is changing relationships with our teens

“Does Your Kid Cheat” – a look at new forms of cheating, including cell phones

“Navigating the Road to College” – an age-by-age road map to higher education

“Dangerous Liaisons” – abuse and violence in the teen dating world

“High School Goes Hollywood” – a panel of teens share their view of high school prom

“Home Alone” – alternative ways to supervise teens after school

“I Hope You Dance” – a parents guide to surviving prom night

“Under Pressure” – eleventh hour ideas for paying for college

“A Voyage to the Future” – turning summer break into career exploration

“The Care and Feeding of Healthy Teenagers” – guiding your teen to better overall health

“The Balancing Act” – weighing the benefits of part-time jobs for teens

“Teen Talks” – improving communication

“Just Say Know” – the reality of teen drug use

“In the Driver’s Seat” – six things you need to know about teens behind the wheel

“The Vince Lombardi Guide to Fathers and Teens”

“Yours, Mine, and Ours” – raising a blended family



Financial topics

“The Early Bird’s Child Goes to College” – preparing financially for your child’s higher education

“How To Have a Debt Free Christmas”

“Back to School With More Money and Wiser Kids” – teaching kids about budgeting

“Sowing the Seeds of Financial Wisdom” – an age-by-age approach to teaching children about money from birth to age 12