•“Strong personal anecdotes help the reader understand difficult subjects.  Lots of research and many, many entry points.  Very timely and important topics that speak directly to today’s parent.” – Judges comments from Parenting Publications of America Awards, March 2010

•“In the confusing, cluttered world of parenting, Lisa Grant’s writing beams in an honest light. It’s refreshing and speaks directly into the hearts of parents and caregivers.” – Laura Holum, author and mother

•”Lisa has great insight into teens today, as well as the challenges parents face in raising them in our current world. Her work as a youth leader, and her years as a parent to teens, give her a unique perspective.” – Allison Wilson, mother and former youth director

•“Parenting can be a lonely job in the midst of having teenagers. Lisa’s writings provide a partnership and support in our daily struggles at home.” – Dede Holt, teacher and mother

•Lisa Grant is insightful, funny and honest. She brings to paper what every woman has thought at some point and time. Her writing always brings me some new revelation that I need at just the right time! – Michelle Lindsey, mother