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Jesus on Parenting Teens: You Are Not Raising the Perfect Child!

I will never forget the moment I realized my son had a sinful nature.  It caught me completely off guard when I discovered he had lied about something.  After all, here was this sweet, innocent little boy who could melt butter with his dimple-filled smile (see above picture).  He was loving, kind, and well-behaved. I […]

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When is forgiveness the most difficult?

This morning, in my prayer time, God put a finger on some unforgiveness in my life.  It was something that happened about 10 years ago, something I had pushed out of my mind.  I hadn’t forgotten, because as soon as I thought about it this morning, I got angry again.  I had chosen not to […]

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Love in the church: shallow and narrow

Think back to the last time you wronged somebody.  Maybe you didn’t necessarily sin against that person, but you did something which unintentionally hurt someone else. How did you respond?  Did you apologize or did you defend your behavior? Imagine this…imagine you owned up to your behavior, even though you felt the whole thing was […]

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Messy mercy

I have a picture on my desk of my two oldest children.  It was taken when they were around the ages of 4 and 8.  To anyone else, it’s just a cute picture of a couple of kids.  To me, it reminds me every day to dispense mercy. You see, the picture was taken a […]

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